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Truck Turntable Size & Capacity Guide

Truck turntables are not an off the shelf product, they are manufactured to order. We do however offer a range of standard designs (see below).

Vehicle TypeGross weight (tonnes)Turntable diameter (m)
Panel Vans (Transit/Sprinter)3.55m or 6m
Box Vans (Luton)7.56m
2-Axle Lorries187m
3-Axle Rigid Lorries267m or 8m
4-Axle Rigid Lorries328m or 9m
6-Axle Articulated Lorries4415m
Notes:See (1) belowSee (2) below

(1) Gross weight: This is the UK maximum gross weight – measured in tonnes.

(2) Turntable diameter: This is the turntable diameter we recommended, but this is also site dependent.

Need something different? We offer a bespoke service!

If the standard guide units aren’t quite what you require, don’t worry – we offer a bespoke service. Our qualified engineers are capable of designing and manufacturing any truck turntable regardless of size or capacity – and to your exact requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help!

Need help? Or request a project quotation!

The above information is simply a guide, quotations for your specific job will be quoted with your required specifications in-mind.

The above information is not a limited guide – we can design and manufacture a truck turntable to any size and capacity requirements, but please note non-standard bespoke units will incur additional costs.

Get in touch with our sales and technical teams for more information, technical support and a free no obligation quote.

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